• The family of Craig Tufts, Family Summits Inc., and the National Wildlife Federation announce the 6th annual essay contest for the Craig Tufts Educational Scholarship Award. The winning young person (between the ages of 8 and 18) will get to attend a week-long summer outdoor educational adventure camp with a parent or guardian.

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  • Check out this campaign to save monarchs…

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  • Happy National Bird Day everyone! Let’s help our feathered friends by doing something they will be thankful for. Check out this blog for some easy, doable ideas

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    On my way to work today I saw a bat house installed on the side of someone’s home. It was great to see bat habitat being supported, but I was also pleased that I knew what it was! Learn about how to build your own bat house here:

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  • Rob Mies, Wildlife Ambassador for Wildlife Nation answers “Ask the Expert” questions about trees and wildlife in this video. Check it out!

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    Happy Thanksgiving Wildlife Nation! In the spirit of holiday, check out this new blog that shares five things you can do in your yard to make wildlife thankful.

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  • It’s the time of year for coming together and helping one another. Check out this blog by Wildlife Nation community member and wildlife expert Rob Mies that shares examples of when animals cooperate.

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  • This photo of an otter was recently shared with us and we had fun coming up with different captions. That got us wondering what all of you in “the Nation” would say. So… What photo caption would you (or your kids!) put with this picture? (share by commenting on this post)

  • Here’s a new blog about why I do what I do – connect kids with wildlife, that is! :) Since Wildlife Nation is all about sharing, I thought I’d share my story with all of you – my fellow “wildlife connectors.” I’d love to hear yours, too, either in the comment area on the blog or as a comment to this post. Enjoy!

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  • Time for another topic for Ask the Expert! We’re focusing on the role trees play in supporting wildlife. Submit your questions below about trees and wildlife from now through November 18. We’ll have answers for you in the first week of December.

  • WILDLIFE TIP: Help bats by providing them a safe home. Bat houses are educational and fun for the whole family, plus bats significantly reduce the amount of pest insects in your backyard. An individual bat can eat thousands of insects in just one night! For more information on the importance of bats and tips on building a bat house check out…[Read more]

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